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Truth exists. Only falsehood has to be invented. - Georges Braque

March 24th, 1999 marks a sad day in the history and political framework of the world.

On this day, against their own charter and without debate or a directive from the United Nations, the US led NATO military alliance bombarded Serbia and Montenegro for 78 days. NATO’s deadly armada left the civilian infrastructure of Yugoslavia in ruins, millions of innocent civilians homeless and thousands dead. The effects of the NATO aggression will be felt by the people of Southeastern Europe for decades to come.

How did this come about?

The public support and consent for the US led actions in the Balkans has been of paramount importance and has been manufactured by a systematic and deliberate media manipulation policy and distortions of the key factors at stake. The support for aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was based not on truths, but on several wrong assumptions about the nature of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

The notions of a ‘moral absolutism’ or ‘humanitarian intervention’ on behalf of Albanians were manipulated by US and UK policy makers to justify the attack on Yugoslavia. Yet what of Kashmir, Rwanda, Sudan, Algeria and so many other hotspots all around the world?

In actuality, an illegal air war was waged on Yugoslavia, an independent nation, a founding member of the United Nations and a Western Ally in two World Wars because it refused foreign troops on its soil. Any other justifications are post facto rationalizations.

It has become evident that by aiding and abetting Washington’s aggressive expansionism in the Balkans, the other NATO member countries, including Canada, are in effect undermining the limits of their own sovereignty and independence.

Since the beginning of Western intervention in the Balkans and in particular, since the deployment of NATO KFOR troops on the ground in Kosovo-Metohija, more and more information has surfaced highlighting the needless illegal action and abject failure of the NATO aggression. Hardly a day goes by without a respected individual, institution, think tank or media outlet joining the critics of Western Balkan policy from Cato in Washington to the Centre for Policy Studies in England; from Chomsky on the left to Buchanan on the right.
This unjust, illegal and unnecessary action came on the heels of almost a decade of a one sided aggressive Western policy in the Balkans based on the demonization of one of the belligerents while whitewashing the crimes committed by others.
 Objectives of the Centre for Peace in the Balkans

The Centre for Peace in the Balkans is a non profit Toronto based corporation whose members are actively engaged in the collection of information and materials related to the region with the goal of scrutinizing the reasoning and assumptions, both cultural and geopolitical, behind the West’s flawed Balkan strategy and providing support and alternative solutions to the conflict management process in the Balkans.

The mission and objective of the Centre for Peace in the Balkans is to set the record straight. Because the treatment of the Balkan crises by the media and politicians has been largely one-sided and propagandistic, dialogue, debate and the dissemination of information to the general public are necessary to restore balance in the Canadian and world public perceptions and enrich the policy making process vis –a- vis the Balkan region.

Historical, political, legal and moral arguments need to be cleansed of their propagandistic spin if Canadians are truly to debate just solutions to the conflicts that exist among the many peoples of the Balkan region. These solutions must take into account the concerns and aspirations of all nations in the Balkans.

The activists of the Centre are working diligently not in order to advocate one side over another in the last decades’ conflicts in the Balkans. Through peaceful means and the presentation of pertinent materials, the Centre is striving to advocate a balanced and accurate presentation of the current socio-political situation on the Balkan Peninsula.
 Other Activism

The Centre is also working towards eliminating the discriminatory practices which currently exist in Canada for individuals from Balkan region and is engaged in the continued action of bringing NATO military and political leaders to stand trial at a independent tribunal for the crimes they committed in Yugoslavia.

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